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3 of the Most Common Resume Mistakes

When you do not have a job, your resume is the most crucial part of any application process so it is important to not make any mistakes. There are three common mistakes that many people make on their resumes such as spell checking, updating, and useless information. These kinds of mistakes can easily be avoided and will help you get your perfect job.

Forgetting to spell check is very common because it is something most people do not think about before submitting their resume online or printing it out to personally hand it to potential employers. To help you remember, you could place a small sticky note on your screen while typing up your resume as a reminder. You could also keep spell checking throughout your resume after you type up each section. The more times you spell check; the better you will remember to do one final check at the end.

Forgetting to update your information is another common mistake. You may have recently received certifications that may help you get the job. If you do not put that on there, then the job will more than likely go to someone that has those certifications and that could have been you. If you have recently gone to school to achieve a higher level of education, that is also important to put on there.

Another common mistake is that many people choose to type up their entire work or education history. What many people do not know is that if your resume is more than one page many employers will toss it in the trash. They are way too busy and have too many resumes to go through to sit and read your entire resume. To avoid that mistake, only include your most recent education. They already know that you have graduated from high school so be sure to only put your college education and make sure it is relevant to the job position you are inquiring about. For your work history, make sure that you only put two of the previous jobs you have had.

After seeing how easy it is to correct mistakes if you have already made them be sure to go over your resume one last time. Make sure you have spell checked, make sure all your information is updated, and be sure that you have narrowed your resume down to one page. With all those errors fixed, you are on your way to receiving several phone calls for job interviews.