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Best Pre-Interview Tip: Clean Up Your LinkedIn Profile

Let me start with our best best pre-interview tip. When you begin scheduling interviews, you will want to be sure your LinkedIn profile is up-to-date. Social networking websites like LinkedIn are highly effective marketing media when hunting for a new job. A LinkedIn profile can provide helpful information that could tip the scales in your balance for a prospective employer before and after a job interview.
Best Pre-Interview Tip

Best Pre-Interview Tip: Assessing Your Linked In Profile

Print summary.

Your LinkedIn profile can be readily printed as a professional fact sheet to take along on an interview. It makes a strong impression by showing you are type of person who is serious about networking in the business world and taking a professional approach to your job search. A well-organized print summary offers a quick and meaningful snapshot of your credentials.


Network contacts receive updates about their colleagues’ job anniversaries, updated skills, and new photos. Members are encouraged to congratulate each other, provide endorsements, and check out new information. Endorsements and comments provide informal references that are likely to impress an interviewer. Assuming that many LinkedIn connections know each other well, a network of members provides a safeguard that tells viewers the information is accurate rather than fabricated.

Quick facts.

A LinkedIn profile arranges member information in ways that are easy to find and understand. Your interview materials should include a LinkedIn Web link for prompt access to your professional information. Much like a resume but less cluttered, a LinkedIn page is a welcome resource to employers who want accessible facts that can be easily digested.

Expanded information.

During an interview you will probably be asked questions for which there is not enough time to elaborate in detail. Providing a reference to your LinkedIn profile gives an employer access to additional information that can fill in any potential gaps. For example, if you are asked about prior employment as an interview question, you will probably give a succinct reply. But you can also suggest that the employer check your LinkedIn profile for more background information, such as specific duties and new skills that were gleaned from the position.

LinkedIn is a powerful resource to use for a job search before, during, and after an interview. It confirms a professional approach to your career and gives you an edge over candidates who don’t use this resource. Keep your profile updated and be ready to share it during upcoming interviews.