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How To Build Relationships At Work

Workplace managers are in a position to build an efficient team who work together to meet the goals within the company. While managers must keep in mind and respect the differences in all employees and remember that each person is indeed a unique individual, they also must remember to motivate all employees, encourage everyone to excel, and always enforce the notion that working as a whole to accomplish the many tasks in a day is much more efficient than one person handling everything.

The position of manager is one that takes time and effort to truly perfect. The first step of any new manager is to earn the employees’ trust. Begin by building a rapport with the employees. Show the staff that the position of manager is not simply one that dictates the office with rules and deadlines. Listen to the employees. Take the time to get to know each person’s personality, strength, weaknesses, and concerns. Taking this time will help in the future when deciding who should take certain responsibilities or who can handle particular projects. A very crucial piece of information for any manger is to be sure to do exactly as promised. This not only demonstrates to the employees that you are listening to their needs or issues, it also shows that you keep your word. This is the beginning of a trusting professional relationship.

Another terrifice piece of advice is to take the time to help overwhelmed employees. This is crucial to the teamwork approach many companies strive for as a means of success. If an employee feels overwhelmed, he/she is stressed and productivity is going to be lower than usual. Help the employee prioritize his/her duties and offer some assistance to help him/her complete his/her tasks. This is a demonstration to the entire staff that you are not only preaching teamwork, you also believe in it enough to take action.

Always offer positive reinforcement and recognition. The staff works hard for the company. They sacrifice and want to succeed, so let them know that their efforts are appreciated. Showing support and appreciation will empower the team and keep them motivated.