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Building an Effective Cover Letter

A cover letter displays the summary of information for the specific individual including their name, address, and contact information. Typically, a cover letter also incorporates a briefing for why the individual finds themselves a valuable asset to the company, as well as contributions that an individual can make. When writing an effective cover letter, it is important to include the information in the correct format; this not only allows the potential employer to quickly see the individual’s contact information, but also a quick summary of their skills.

Before an individual writes a cover letter, they must decide which format of letter they should write. An application cover letter is used by the individual when applying for a published job opening; while a prospecting letter is used as an inquiry letter for various positions. Lastly, a networking letter is used to find information, or assistance pertaining to the particular position. It is important for an individual to choose the correct styling of cover letter so their information is represented correctly and addressed for the right motive.

Once the format has been chosen, the individual may begin writing their cover letter by addressing the official in regards to their motive. Also, one must properly write their details among mission briefing in the right format. Including the proper details in the correct format will ensure the information can be read clearly and understood well. It is also important for one to remember that a cover letter is meant to supplement a resume, not clone it; a cover letter should effectively represent what the ensuing resume and other documents will entail. Finally, the individual should remember that the cover letter is not purely about themselves, but mainly about their inquiry and personal briefing with the specific company.

An example of a cover letter might be:

“Dear Human Resources, or Hiring Manager:

I have enclosed my resume within for the position of cashier clerk.

I am currently employed with Grocery Unlimited where I perform a variety of cashier related duties; I am responsible for handling cash, coins, checks including corporate checks as well as credit card transactions. My duties are to receive the correct payment amount, while giving the correct change back to the customer. Before working with Grocery Unlimited, I worked at a similar grocery outlet where I utilized customer service skills and was also in charge of setting displays.

I am seeking a position that will utilize my skills as a cashier, and to help me further my career.

I look forward to hearing from you with any additional questions.


John Smith”