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After Submitting Your Resume, It's OK to Call and Ask for Interview

Job seekers face so many quandaries, especially when it comes to the delicate protocol of asking for an interview after you have submitted your resume. Many of us have operated under the assumption that we shouldn't call, that it will rile the prospective employer who controls the process of reviewing resumes and then initiating calls for interviews. Yet, some career experts advise job seekers to go right ahead and call, after a reasonable period of time, and ask for an interview. No need to spend weeks fretting over whether your resume has fallen into a black hole. Career Journal Online recently gave some advice on this, and we'll add our own two cents.

First, it's okay or even desirable in the eyes of most employers to follow up with a call. The best way to do this is to reach the hiring manager, the person in charge of the department where you've applied to work. Human resources departments, where you likely sent your resume, are gatekeepers on the first round. Often, their task is to weed out irrelevant resumes and forward potential hires. After that, it's up to the hiring manager. Identifying the hiring manager may require some detective work, but a good place to start is with main switchboard. Ask the operator for the name and phone number of the manager of the department to which you are applying.

About a week after you have sent in your resume, call the hiring manager. Call early in the morning or late in the day when you're generally more likely to reach the manager directly. Explain that you have applied for the opening through normal channels, and express your interest in the job and desire for a meeting. Remember, this is your first audition, so you'll want to be organized, and informed. "At this point you want to have done your research on the company," says All Star Resume consultant Linda Ballard. "This includes knowing the company's background, current news, products, etc. Be ready to discuss how you would make an immediate impact if you were to be hired." 

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