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Welcome to the All Star Resume Career Center Tips on Job Interviews!

Ever wish you had inside knowledge of interview techniques? Wondering what to wear or worried that your enthusiasm will signal desperation? Herein we explore these topics, and distilled the answers from career pros.

You've Submitted Your Resume, Now What?

Job seekers face many quandaries when it comes to asking for an interview. This article explores the etiquette of asking for an interview and you've submitted your resume.
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What to Wear

In these days of office casual, casual Fridays, and the occasional headline that declares "The Suit is Back!" it can be confusing to put together the right outfit.
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Come Prepared

There are two documents you'll want to have in your briefcase, easy to pull out. The first is your resume.
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The ABCs of Etiquette

Learn how and why etiquette is a must, from the moment you enter the prospective employer's parking lot till you've made the exit for the freeway.
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Headhunter Meetings

What a heady rush it can bring. A recruiter calls you about a job you'd love to have. It's within sight!
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Types of Interviews

There are different types of interviews, and there's one thing they all have in common: You need to be prepared.
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Behavioral Interviews

Become a pro at preparing and participating in these tricky interviews, conducted by employers to evaluate candidates on many levels.
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Keeping Your Wits and Staying Calm During Interviews

If the prospect of going on job interviews fills you with tension, then count yourself normal. What we've compiled here are some winning strategies to overcome interview-day panic and put in an Olympic performance.
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The Importance of Expressing Enthusiasm During Job Interviews

Enthusiasm is an essential tool to use during interviews. Learn how to express it to your best advantage.
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Position Yourself Above the Competition

By doing research on the prospective employer and the role of the job, you can position yourself above the competition.
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Illegal Interview Questions

Questions about race, national origin, religion, age, marital status, family situation, or disabilities are illegitimate in an interview. However, don't be surprised if some creep up.
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Answering "Why You Left Your Last Job"

Perhaps no other question is asked more frequently or produces more anxiety than explaining why you left your last job. Relax. Here's an article to help you answer with confidence.
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Use Proven Media Techniques to Answer Tough Interview Questions

Worried about those tough interview questions? Learn how the pros use tough questions to share positive messages.
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Asking Questions of Your Own

Job interviews are not only your time to answer questions, they're also your time to ask them. Learn how your insightful questions will help you form a better picture of the prospective employer, and impress the interviewer as well!
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Second Interviews

Congratulations on the call back! Statistics show you now have about a 50 percent chance of receiving an offer. Read this article to make sure you finish strong.
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The Vital Importance of Job Interview Feedback

Whether you consider yourself thick skinned or otherwise may not really matter when it comes down to learning how to improve performance in job interviews. What counts here is just how much you want a job offer.
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Follow-Up: The Thank-You Letter

Like anyone else, hiring managers appreciate a thank you note after meeting with a prospective job applicant. Learn how to compose an effective message to the person who spent time providing you a platform to discuss your qualifications.
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Responding to Job Offers

You've got an offer! Great! Here are some tips to offer a dignified, and strategic response.
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If you feel overwhelmed after reviewing these pages, then we congratulate you for recognizing that there is a lot of important information here. So, don't be discouraged. Your time and effort will pay off!

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