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Responding to an Offer

While you should never – ever – have to accept or decline a job offer on the spot, be prepared to move quickly once you get an offer. We suggest that you enthusiastically thank the hiring manager for the offer, restate your desire for the position and the company, and then respectfully request a day, or a weekend if the offer comes on a Friday, as they often do, to consider. You may say something like "Thank you so much for calling! I am so pleased to get this offer. May I call you back tomorrow? I'm very interested in the job, but I'd like to discuss this matter with my spouse. What time will you be available to take my call tomorrow?"

Any reasonable employer will give you at least this much time to consider their offer. If for some reason (perhaps another offer waiting in the wings) you need more time than a day, you may ask the hiring manager what the response deadline is, and arrange a time to call back.

In this day of email and faxes, we urge you to request an offer by either method, with a firm start date. It's a good practice to have this in hand before you tender your resignation from your present job.

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