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Common LinkedIn Profile Mistakes to Avoid

LinkedIn is a business-centered social networking website that allows you to search for and connect with recruiters, hiring managers, clients, and co-workers. LinkedIn makes it easy for you to communicate with professional contacts, which makes reference letters easier to obtain for potential jobs. Additionally, the site allows hiring managers and recruiters to find you, potentially giving you more employment opportunities. Ensure that your LinkedIn profile looks professional by avoiding these common mistakes.

Typos: Unfortunately, LinkedIn doesn’t have a spell checker. However, some web browsers, such as Chrome and Firefox, will underline misspelled words in red. Be as careful as you possibly can to spell everything correctly in your profile.

Profile Pictures: Research shows that profiles containing a picture get clicked on more often than profiles without one. Remember that LinkedIn is a professional networking site, so ensure that the picture you post is appropriate. It’s best to use a good headshot of yourself. Avoid posting pictures of you with your significant other, children, or pets.

Absence of a Custom URL: Having a custom URL makes it easier for recruiters and potential employers to locate you. To change your LinkedIn URL, log into your account, and go to, “Profile,” located at the top of the page. Click on, “Edit Profile.” You will see your current LinkedIn URL underneath your profile picture. Click on the, “Edit,” link next to your URL to change it. Change your URL from the combination of your name and numbers to your name only. Once you’ve changed your URL, ensure you put it on your business cards and resume so that potential employers can find you easily after an interview.

Lack of Keywords: LinkedIn has millions of users, which is why hiring managers and recruiters search the site with keywords to find potential employees. Ensure that keywords relevant to your industry appear somewhere in your profile, such as in your summary, current and past jobs section, skills and experience list, or education section. For instance, if you are a teacher looking for a new teaching position, some keywords you may want to include in your profile are, “teacher, teaching, and education.“ If you aren’t sure which keywords are best for your industry, search for other people in your field to discover what keywords they are utilizing.

LinkedIn is a valuable tool for social networking as well as finding employment opportunities. Maximize the benefits of your profile and get seen by recruiters more often by avoiding these common profile mistakes.