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Marketing Yourself With A Cover Letter

A market yourself cover letter has the same concept of a salesperson’s sales pitch. When a sales person is trying to sell a product he or she describes the uses, essentials, functions, price and why it is useful for the customer. A marketing cover letter is essentially the same idea. The person applying for a job (The product), is using this letter to sell themselves to a company (The customer).

This type of cover letter should start out with a bold and confident introduction. Let the company know right away you’ve done your research and know what they want, and make them believe it is you. An example of a bold, confident introduction would be, “I’ve read your company ad in the newspaper and if you are in need of a highly professional , experienced, Trained, Administrative assistant to ensure your administrative needs are met within the company, I am the person for you”. Following this introduction provide data and facts as to why you would make a great employee. Tell what you have to offer the company. Give examples such as, past projects you’ve completed, training you’ve had, and work experience related to the position.

The closing of the cover letter should guarantees you have the ability to back up what you’ve stated you have to offer the company. Simply state something of this nature; “I am certain with my experience, training, skills, and flexible, but dependable personality and work ethic I would make a top notch candidate for the position your company is offering.