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How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile for Success

LinkedIn has quickly become one of the best places for job seekers to network with potential employers. In fact, many employers may review a LinkedIn profile as they decide if they will contact a candidate for a position. With your LinkedIn profile playing such a critical role in your job search, here are some things you can do to optimize it:

Clean Your Profile

Before going to an interview or even applying for a job, take some time to clean your LinkedIn profile. Make sure that every picture, status, group, etc. is indicative of the type of employee they are looking for. Always keep in mind that there is a good chance your potential employer may review your LinkedIn profile. This is your opportunity to make sure that they like what they find.

Spell Check Everything

While this may seem like a minor detail, nothing can ruin a first impression faster than a poorly written profile. For employers, it can be easy to make assumptions about you based off the quality of the writing on your profile. If it is littered with misspellings and poorly placed commas, this may end up costing you a job.

You do not have to be a spelling champ to have a well written profile. If spelling and grammar are not your strong suits, try copy and pasting your profile into a word editor and using spell check there. Alternatively, if you have a friend that is grammatically gifted, consider asking them comb over your profile for errors. No matter how you go about it, this is a very important step in optimizing your profile.

Perfect Your Elevator Pitch

The summary box on your profile gives you one chance to really capture the attention of recruiters and other professionals. Take special care to make sure that this statement is targeted at the way you want them to see it. Your elevator pitch should be a clear, concise statement that tells employers what makes you different and how you can be an asset to their organization. To further optimize your profile, be sure to use some keywords that recruiters in your field might be looking for.

Customize Your URL

When possible, always try to have your name included in your LinkedIn URL. This is a simple way to enhance the professional appeal of your online profile. Also, be very selective with the links you provide on your profile. Make sure that they represent your very best work.

When it comes to your LinkedIn profile, a little work can go a long way. Follow these tips and your LinkedIn profile may lead you to the job of your dreams.