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Solution Based Cover Letter

When you’re writing a cover letter always keep in mind the role or position you are applying for. Generally the job that interests you wants to make sure that you as potential employee knows what position you are applying for, what skills you have to offer and how much you know about their company/ organization.

Be specific as possible. This is important. Make sure that your cover letter is exclusively for the specific job description. In the first paragraph,enthuse the employer about how well you know about their company. You should mention what position you are applying for, and state in a convincing way that you would like to be considered for an interview.

In the next paragraph describe what you have to offer to this specific job. Use examples of your skills that will apply to the demands of the role or position being offered. Be clear and concise in your description. In the final paragraph thank the employer for taking the time out to consider your cover letter, include information that you will follow up via phone or email. End with “complimentary close”, your name and the word “Attached” for your resume to be considered. Good luck.