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Top Tips For Making The Most Of Linkedin

There are many more than the top five tips: how to make the most of Linkedin, so it is hard to narrow it down to merely 5. They are all great ideas and experiences others share.

First of all, what is Linkedin? Linkedin is a social networking internet site that is the best social commercializing tool to date. It is particularly rewarding for business professionals and those trying to find employment.

Monthly, there are 21.4 million US visitors and 47.6 million worldwide. The profits in 2012 were a whopping $972 million, and 200 million users kept LinkedIn alive, as of January, 2013.

All that having been said, tip 1 is to fill in one’s profile and continue to update it semi-weekly, or monthly, so everything is fresh. Use all the characters allowed and use 2 or 3 bullets to break up the sentences when writing the profile. Use contact information so as to make oneself easy to reach.

Do not skimp on any information, tell all about oneself, not the company, adding strengths and contact information. Be available and post a personal photo with head and shoulders that is professional. People will remember the picture. Go beyond the standards and write about awards, promotions and show some samples of work.

What is more, tip 2 is to ask oneself why he is at LinkedIn. Is it to find work? Or is it the social aspects of being around business people or perhaps because someone needs to hire a few people? What is the purpose?

Tip 3 is to write an ample summary that is concise, informative and gives concrete results. LinkedIn allows users to endorse each others’ skills, so ask others about this on the site.

In addition, tip 4 is to set some realistic goals. Follow a plan to achieve these goals. This will be the very force that helps one succeed. This is where networking begins.

Tip 5 is to join a few of the LinkedIn groups. Hunt for relevant groups that suit one’s work. LinkedIn allows users to certify each others’ attainments, so use this valuable resource.